Wine GSoC 2015 | mshtml.dll

Zhenbo Li litimetal at
Mon Mar 16 22:48:29 CDT 2015

Hello, everyone
I'm Zhenbo Li, a college student who participated in GSoC 2014 for
mshtml.dll. I'm glad to continue working on mshtml this year. My idea
is to implement IHTMLXMLHttpRequest+IHTMLStorage(sessionStorage) as my

XMLHttpRequest is used heavily in AJAX programming.[1] Wine has
implemented most of it in msxml component, but it's a stub in mshtml.
Most js code doesn't treat wine IE as IE6 or earlier, so they will not
choost ActiveX[2] to work around it(like Firebug Lite[3])
My current implementation only works fine for absolute urls[4]. I've
located the first obstacle:
typedef struct
  IUri *base_uri;
} httprequest;
After finding a way to pass base_uri from mshtml.dll to msxml3.dll,
Wine Gecko should support IHTMLXMLHttpRequest for relative urls[5].

2. sessionStorage
IHTMLStorage[6] is used widely, including Firebug Lite[3]. A
well-implemented IHTMLStorage interface should support both
sessionStorage and localStorage. I tried to write both of them, but
found that it may be necessary to adjust wine-gecko code to support
that(Thank Jacek). Therefore, implementing sessionStorage can be the
first step of implementing localStorage.
This is my idea for GSoC 2015, I appreciate for any comment.
Thank you.


Have a nice day!
Zhenbo Li

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