Application for GSoC 2015 - Implement findstr.exe for Wine.

KaiPeng Zeng kaipeng94 at
Wed Mar 25 06:42:38 CDT 2015

Hi folks,

I’m Kaipeng Zeng who is a Linux user and Wine/CrossOver user from China. I
am major
in Biomedical Engineering in Guangdong Pharmaceutical University.

I’d like to apply GSoC to work for Wine Project this year. My proposal is
findstr.exe for Wine".

Though findstr is a quite independent program in Wine, I think it is
valuable to implement.
As far as I knew, there are some bugs about findstr in Bugzilla[1]. Any
other programs
in Chinese depend on it too. The implementation of findstr will help these
programs and
all the programs will also be good tests for our implementation. Besides, I
think the code
of grep will be helpful for implementing findstr.

There are three parts in my plan:
=== Part 1: Add more tests for findstr.exe ===
I have submitted a patch for findstr’s test to wine-patches[2]. I will add
more tests to
prepare for the implementation.

=== Part 2: Implement an initial findstr.exe ===
With enough tests, I will try to implement the findstr gradually. My middle
goal is having
an initial implementation of findstr which can handle some simple work. Bug
35254[3] may
be fixed after this part is finished.

=== Part 3: Add more parameters implementation ===
In this part, I will add more tests and try to implement more arguments for
findstr, let it
solve more things.

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