[PATCH] wined3d: Fix some videocards property detection

Charles Davis cdavis5x at gmail.com
Sat Mar 28 15:32:37 CDT 2015

> On Mar 28, 2015, at 4:21 AM, Stefan Dösinger <stefandoesinger at gmail.com> wrote:
> then check for software fallbacks. There's a CGL function for
> checking that, but I don't remember from the top of my head how it works.
You mean:

  CGLGetParameter(ctx, kCGLCPGPUVertexProcessing, &gpu_vertex);
  CGLGetParameter(ctx, kCGLCPGPUFragmentProcessing, &gpu_frag);

When each one is false, it means that the corresponding stage fell back to

We may need some kind of Wine-specific WGL extension for this, though.
wined3d doesn’t know about CGL contexts.

By the way, those are “get” only. You can’t force the driver to do it in
hardware by forcing them to true (in case you get that idea).


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