loader manpages get installed in wrong build step

Sebastian Lackner sebastian at fds-team.de
Sun Nov 1 14:40:24 CST 2015


I've noticed another side effect introduced by
and I'm not sure if its intentional, or if its a bug.

For WOW64 builds all manpages were installed in the 64-bit build step before.
After the commit, some manpages (those in loader/) also get installed in the
32-bit build step.

Here are some logs for comparison:
- before: http://repos.wine-staging.com/all/20151021-0141-arch-x64/build.log
- after:  http://repos.wine-staging.com/all/20151101-0726-arch-x64/build.log
(search for "wine.1" for example)

When both builds end in the same package (like on Archlinux) this doesn't matter,
however there are plenty of distributions which ship the 32-bit and 64-bit
parts in different packages. Having a few manpages in one and the rest in the
other is at least a bit unusual, but could also lead to package conflicts.

Should this be considered a bug, or is it up to package maintainers to workaround
this issue? And what would be the preferred solution to fix this? I don't really
want to reintroduce install-man-pages just after it was removed...

Best regards,

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