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Mon Nov 2 05:45:50 CST 2015

Sebastian Lackner <sebastian at> writes:

> Yes, I also looked at this approach. The difficult part to get this correct
> is to initialize user shared data as early as possible, without any call to
> a wrapper function before that. Please note that its not sufficient to wrap
> calls from other dlls, even some ntdll-internal calls have to go through the
> wrappers (for example when loading a library). Those are implemented in
> ntdll usermode on Windows.

It seems that in your patch this is the default behavior, and you have
to explicitly bypass the syscall. Are there really that many cases where
it's necessary to go through the syscall?  I would have expected that
internal calls would bypass unless explicitly required.

> I already tried it out in practice and partially disagree. As mentioned above,
> its not sufficient to put autogenerated wrappers between the implementation
> and the ntdll exports. Exactly the same wrappers have to be used from inside
> of the ntdll loader code for example. This means, even if the thunks are
> generated somewhere else, we still have to add them to one of the wine header
> files. If we do not want to generate thunks for all architectures, we might
> even have to add them twice, one time as typedef, and the second time a #define
> as fallback for unsupported architectures.

> I'm not saying that its impossible to do it this way, but compared to thiscalls,
> which could easily be generated by winebuild, a macro is similar good here imho.
> If you want to look into the idea to autogenerate thunks, here is one of my
> work-in-progress patches (based on Erichs work):

The problem is that this allows a single version of the thunks, but we
are most likely going to need multiple variants selected at run-time
based on the Windows version. That doesn't mean it has to be done in
winebuild, I agree it could also be done with macros, but it's not as
simple as the thiscall case.

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