[PATCH 3/5] winepulse: Add audioclient

Sebastian Lackner sebastian at fds-team.de
Mon Nov 2 18:32:01 CST 2015

I know this patch is already committed, but still...

On 29.10.2015 18:04, Andrew Eikum wrote:
>          }
>          if (pulse_ml)
>              pa_mainloop_quit(pulse_ml, 0);
> +        if (pulse_thread) {
> +            WaitForSingleObject(pulse_thread, INFINITE);

This can't work. You can't wait for a thread while holding the loader lock.

> +static DWORD CALLBACK pulse_mainloop_thread(void *tmp) {
> +    int ret;
> +    pulse_ml = pa_mainloop_new();

I might be wrong, but I see a risk here that the pulse_ml conflicts with the use in pulse_test_connect().
Is it guaranteed that pulse_test_connect() is only called once after loading the DLL?


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