riched20: Set pStream->written in ME_StreamOutFlush.

Jactry Zeng jactry92 at
Tue Nov 3 20:46:25 CST 2015

Hi Huw,
2015-11-03 22:37 GMT+08:00 Huw Davies <huw at>:
> While this is probably correct, it would be easy to add tests for this.
> We already have EM_STREAMOUT tests, so just add checks on their return
> values.

Thanks for your review!

Yes, you are right. I also had tried to add some tests for it. But Wine's
rtf header is
different to Windows'. So when we test EM_STREAMOUT with SF_RTF, return
value given by Wine's EM_STREAMOUT will always different to Windows'.
SF_TEXT will be fine.
Can I just append tests of SF_TEXT? Or skip those tests on Windows?

Jactry Zeng
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