[RFC PATCH] msvcp140: Add MSVC 2015 C++ support DLL

Martin Storsjö martin at martin.st
Fri Nov 6 04:25:33 CST 2015

On Fri, 6 Nov 2015, Piotr Caban wrote:

> On 11/04/15 20:12, Martin Storsjo wrote:
>> The built DLL links to (and loads function pointers at runtime from)
>> msvcr120, instead of ucrtbase (which would be more correct).
> We really need to e.g. share file handles between ucrtbase and msvcp140. We 
> will need to find a way of linking against ucrtbase.
> It will probably need to be done by defining wrappers around some functions. 
> For example missing _invalid_parameter should be probably worked around by 
> defining following function in msvcp140:
> void __cdecl _invalid_parameter(const wchar_t *expr, const wchar_t *func, 
> const wchar_t *file, unsigned int line, uintptr_t arg)
> {
>    return _invalid_parameter_noinfo();
> }
> Something similar needs to be done with __p__iob (use __acrt_iob_func 
> function).
> If you have any problems with other function please let me know. Probably 
> some more testing/work will be needed to deal with missing new/delete 
> functions.

Thanks, this does indeed seem to be implementable without too much effort 
in the end. The new/delete functions also seem to be pretty simple to 
reimplement based on malloc (which does the same msvcrt_heap_alloc(0, 
size) as MSVCRT_operator_new), _callnewh and free.

I'll send an updated patchset for this now, which still is kinda RFC but 
much better than the previous one.

// Martin

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