*.idl: Use correct type for BSTR strings in the defaultvalue() statements.

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at baikal.ru
Fri Nov 6 06:10:19 CST 2015

Nikolay Sivov <bunglehead at gmail.com> wrote:

> > Nikolay Sivov <bunglehead at gmail.com <javascript:;>> wrote:
> >
> > > > This matches midl/PSDK syntax, and allows to use Wine headers for
> > compiling
> > > > applications with a C++ win32/win64 compiler. In order to be usable by
> > C++
> > > > unix compilers widl needs to emit appropriate statically initialized
> > > > strings, but that's a different problem, currently the generated Wine
> > headers
> > > > with default(BSTR) statements can't be used with C++ at all.
> > > >
> > >
> > > Where do you see this? Mshtml.idl from Windows 10 SDK doesn't use this
> > > notation, and in fact only fsrm*.idl files do, so it's not a common
> > > practice.
> >
> > midl has a built-in "magic" for handling defaultvalue() for BSTR strings,
> > that's why PSDK headers are not consistent in that regard: some of them
> > use defaultvalue("") while others use defaultvalue(L""). But using this
> > magic is not necessary if the header uses appropriate type for the default
> > value. So fixing an .idl should be preferrable IMO to adding support for
> > magic behaviour to widl.
> All headers except about 4 we don't have, use it like we do. All the magic
> is to add a prefix during header generation, it doesn't look that hard, and
> will get consistent result for idls that don't cone with wine.

I don't really follow your objections. It's pretty clear that Wine .idl
files with defaultvalue("") statements for BSTR type are broken. There
are two ways to fix them:
1) fix .idl files, widl and midl already have proper support for L"" syntax.
2) don't fix .idl files (just because PSDK has them that way) and add magic
handling for BSTR to widl.
Fixing .idl files is a natural and easy fix, what syntax uses PSDK doesn't
matter al all, it's even better to differ from PSDK headers in this case.

> > > Generated headers should use L"", like you said. But only in
> > > case of empty strings.
> >
> > midl always generates L"" syntax, regardless whether it's an empty string
> > or not.
> I don't see this in mshtml.h when default value is not an empty string.

Probably midl doesn't correctly handle even the magic that it's supposed to
support. That just confirms that adding "magic" support for defaultvalue()
to widl wouldn't solve the problem completely, and support for this "magic"
would need adding even more magic to match midl brokeness.

> > > Also leaving this broken for everything that's
> > > not PSDK compiler doesn't sound right.
> >
> > mingw/borland/any other wine32 compiler also benefit from this change.
> > It doesn't make sense to have it broken at all, but at least fixing
> > the .idl side of breakage should be considered as the first step, and
> > make the generated headers actually usable for the win32 platform.
> >
> > Since it only affects cpp case, that we don't use, how does it help
> building wine?
> And more importantly what will happen to gcc if you try to build with this
> addition?

gcc does build generated headers just fine. I wonder why you don't care what
happens to gcc when it builds with current broken headers.


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