*.idl: Use correct type for BSTR strings in the defaultvalue() statements.

Jacek Caban jacek at codeweavers.com
Fri Nov 6 07:45:51 CST 2015

On 11/06/15 14:21, Jacek Caban wrote:
> On 11/06/15 13:10, Dmitry Timoshkov wrote:
>> I don't really follow your objections. It's pretty clear that Wine .idl
>> files with defaultvalue("") statements for BSTR type are broken. There
>> are two ways to fix them:
>> 1) fix .idl files, widl and midl already have proper support for L"" syntax.
>> 2) don't fix .idl files (just because PSDK has them that way) and add magic
>> handling for BSTR to widl.
>> Fixing .idl files is a natural and easy fix, what syntax uses PSDK doesn't
>> matter al all, it's even better to differ from PSDK headers in this case.
> Well, out of those two options I'd prefer option 1. That's a real bug.
> Option 2 just changes IDLs that are perfectly fine, just misinterpreted
> by widl.

I obviously messed option number. I meant I prefer option 2, as could be
guessed by explanation.

Thanks Huw for pointing it out.


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