[PATCH v4] ucrtbase: Hook up _seh_filter_exe and _seh_filter_dll

Piotr Caban piotr.caban at gmail.com
Mon Nov 9 05:42:01 CST 2015

On 11/09/15 12:36, Martin Storsjo wrote:
> +@ cdecl _seh_filter_dll(long ptr) __CppXcptFilter
> +@ cdecl _seh_filter_exe(long ptr) __CppXcptFilter
_seh_filter_dll should behave like __CppXcptFilter and _seh_filter_exe 
like _XcptFilter.

You also need to copy -arch=i386,x86_64,arm parameter. Otherwise you 
break compilation for other architectures because __CppXcptFilter is not 
defined there.


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