How to change the ACCESS_MASK of a thread?

Bruno Jesus 00cpxxx at
Mon Nov 9 16:30:28 CST 2015

Hi all. I have a simple question that I could not find an answer after
looking for a lot. All I need is to remove the THREAD_SUSPEND_RESUME
flag from the ACCESS_MASK to add it again later.

info.GrantedAccess = 0;
NtQueryObject(GetCurrentThread(), ObjectBasicInformation,
              &info, sizeof(info), NULL);
if (info.GrantedAccess & THREAD_SUSPEND_RESUME)
    changed = TRUE;
    info.GrantedAccess &= ~THREAD_SUSPEND_RESUME;
 //magic here

This is about fixing bug 3930 where SuspendThread is called from
inside a callback deadlocking the game. If I can prevent the
SuspendThread from running it will work.

Best wishes,

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