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André Hentschel nerv at
Tue Nov 10 14:26:31 CST 2015


At the GSoC Mentor Summit last weekend I gathered some information on what's required for Code-In* and also talked with Mario Behling and Hong Phuc Dang from FOSSASIA.
As we would need a lot of tasks and a lot of mentors to participate as our own organization/project it seems much easier to join FOSSASIA with a view tasks and a some mentors covering the most important time zones. And yes, they invited us to join them for Code-In.
I think this is a great chance for dipping a toe in the water and gather experience for upcoming Code-Ins.
This year it runs from December 7th to January (I think 7-8 weeks).

If there are no objections I think we should take that chance. We then would need some Mentors in Asian time zones, too.
For now it looks like Stefan D., Austin E. and I would volunteer. (One in USA, two in Europe)

*Code-In ( ) is a project similar to Summer of Code, but for pre-university students ages 13 to 17. They get tasks they can claim and can then submit them or abandon them.
This can be done for multiple orgs, but if a student decides to accomplish a lot of tasks for one org, the org can nominate it as a grand price winner. A grand price winner then travels with parents and one mentor of that org to Google.
Possible task categories are:
Documentation / Training
Outreach / Research
Quality Assurance
User Interface
(translation tasks are not allowed)

To sign up as a FOSSASIA Mentor use this form:

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