user32: Test layered window focus

Alexandre Julliard julliard at
Wed Nov 11 09:19:44 CST 2015

Piotr Caban <piotr at> writes:

> I didn't think about it well. This behavior is window manager
> dependent. The test fails in similar way here if run in virtual
> desktop.
> On my computer when a layered window is created it gets focus, later
> while flushing events it looses focus because of WM_TAKE_FOCUS
> event. After that when application calls UpdateLayeredWindow function
> window manager generates another event that gives focus back to
> layered window (I'm using KDE).

Yes, the window manager is free to do what it wants with the focus of
top-level windows, that's not something we control. If the issue is
specific to layered windows, it's probably because we have to destroy
and recreate the window to switch visuals, which may cause the window
manager to reassign focus.

Alexandre Julliard
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