Setting some windows relations.

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Thu Nov 19 17:42:14 CST 2015

John Found <johnfound at> wrote:

> The first is the setting of the owner window for the modal dialogs. In Windows it is common practice
> to set it through SetWindowLong with GWL_HWNDPARENT and it works - the owner window stay always under the .
> In WINE, setting the owner this way does not work. The owner window can be raised above the modal dialog. 
> On the other hand, setting the hWndParent in CreateWindowEx works as intended. 
> The problem is that when I create the dialog window I don't know the owner window I will use later and it
> can change during program execution.

Is the parent window you assign GWL_HWNDPARENT to visible at that point?
If it is not then that might be the source of the problem.

> The second problem is with the windows that have to change from WS_POPUP to WS_OVERLAPPED and back by the
> same SetWindowLong.
> When I create a window as WS_OVERLAPPED and then change the style to WS_POPUP, the window looks like WS_POPUP, 
> but does not behave as such. For example in Linux it has override_redirect=0, steals the focus from the main window, etc.
> When the window is created initially with WS_POPUP, nothing of this happens.
> Again in Windows, changing the style by SetWindowLong works as intended.
> Is there some simple workaround of these problems? In order to fight it I must redesign the whole library in
> order to create the windows with the right parameters. Some of the features I want to make need to destroy the
> windows and recreate them instead of simply change the needed parameters.

Do you have a simple application that reproduces this?


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