gcc doesn't love us anymore

Daniel Santos daniel.santos at pobox.com
Mon Nov 23 13:47:16 CST 2015

I was tuning some of my code looking by at the disassembly and I noticed 
a disturbing thing -- my NtReleaseSemaphore had a really ugly epilogue 
and prologue!

000000007bc9d150 <NtReleaseSemaphore> push   %rdi
000000007bc9d151 <NtReleaseSemaphore+0x1> push   %rsi
000000007bc9d152 <NtReleaseSemaphore+0x2> mov    %rcx,%r9
000000007bc9d155 <NtReleaseSemaphore+0x5> push   %rbx
000000007bc9d156 <NtReleaseSemaphore+0x6> mov    $0x8,%ecx
000000007bc9d15b <NtReleaseSemaphore+0xb> mov    %r8,%rbx
000000007bc9d15e <NtReleaseSemaphore+0xe> sub    $0x150,%rsp
000000007bc9d165 <NtReleaseSemaphore+0x15> mov %fs:0x28,%rax
000000007bc9d16e <NtReleaseSemaphore+0x1e> mov %rax,0xa8(%rsp)
000000007bc9d176 <NtReleaseSemaphore+0x26> xor    %eax,%eax
000000007bc9d178 <NtReleaseSemaphore+0x28> mov    %rsp,%rdi
000000007bc9d17b <NtReleaseSemaphore+0x2b> movl $0x0,0x40(%rsp)
000000007bc9d183 <NtReleaseSemaphore+0x33> movaps %xmm6,0xb0(%rsp)
000000007bc9d18b <NtReleaseSemaphore+0x3b> movaps %xmm7,0xc0(%rsp)
000000007bc9d193 <NtReleaseSemaphore+0x43> movaps %xmm8,0xd0(%rsp)
000000007bc9d19c <NtReleaseSemaphore+0x4c> movaps %xmm9,0xe0(%rsp)
000000007bc9d1a5 <NtReleaseSemaphore+0x55> movaps %xmm10,0xf0(%rsp)
000000007bc9d1ae <NtReleaseSemaphore+0x5e> movaps %xmm11,0x100(%rsp)
000000007bc9d1b7 <NtReleaseSemaphore+0x67> movaps %xmm12,0x110(%rsp)
000000007bc9d1c0 <NtReleaseSemaphore+0x70> movaps %xmm13,0x120(%rsp)
000000007bc9d1c9 <NtReleaseSemaphore+0x79> movaps %xmm14,0x130(%rsp)
000000007bc9d1d2 <NtReleaseSemaphore+0x82> movaps %xmm15,0x140(%rsp)

(55 bytes of actual work)

000000007bc9d227 <NtReleaseSemaphore+0xd7> movaps 0xb0(%rsp),%xmm6
000000007bc9d22f <NtReleaseSemaphore+0xdf> movaps 0xc0(%rsp),%xmm7
000000007bc9d237 <NtReleaseSemaphore+0xe7> movaps 0xd0(%rsp),%xmm8
000000007bc9d240 <NtReleaseSemaphore+0xf0> movaps 0xe0(%rsp),%xmm9
000000007bc9d249 <NtReleaseSemaphore+0xf9> movaps 0xf0(%rsp),%xmm10
000000007bc9d252 <NtReleaseSemaphore+0x102> movaps 0x100(%rsp),%xmm11
000000007bc9d25b <NtReleaseSemaphore+0x10b> movaps 0x110(%rsp),%xmm12
000000007bc9d264 <NtReleaseSemaphore+0x114> movaps 0x120(%rsp),%xmm13
000000007bc9d26d <NtReleaseSemaphore+0x11d> movaps 0x130(%rsp),%xmm14
000000007bc9d276 <NtReleaseSemaphore+0x126> movaps 0x140(%rsp),%xmm15
000000007bc9d27f <NtReleaseSemaphore+0x12f> add    $0x150,%rsp
000000007bc9d286 <NtReleaseSemaphore+0x136> pop    %rbx
000000007bc9d287 <NtReleaseSemaphore+0x137> pop    %rsi
000000007bc9d288 <NtReleaseSemaphore+0x138> pop    %rdi
000000007bc9d289 <NtReleaseSemaphore+0x139> retq

So I looked at the rest of the file and all of the WINAPI functions were 
thus. So I looked at the rest of the build and the same thing, all 
WINAPI (i.e., __attribute__((ms_abi))) functions had these horribly 
bloated epilogues and prologues. I built ntdll again with 
-Dms_abi=sysv_abi and the problem went away (but of course wouldn't work).

Surely this cannot be an inherent requirement of ms_abi!? I'm hoping 
that this is just some bug that has slipped through the cracks because 
not many people use ms_abi on Linux.


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