Good way to use custom ?

river riverflow at
Wed Nov 25 00:42:09 CST 2015


Working on a regression bug with a specific app atm

I've traced the problem to and came up with a version 
that fixes it : overwriting /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/wine/ 
with it problem is gone. Now I have no idea what side effects this could 
have for other apps, so I'd rather leave the system lib alone and 
override it just for this app. How do I do this ??

I've come across
which seems to be what I'm looking for but it's not working.
(setting WINEDLLPATH new is not used).

Bottom of page also mentions that :
 >  For DLLs at least, you should be able to rename the to a
 > .dll and stick it in the application's directory.
That doesn't work either.

Sure there's got to be a clean way of doing this,
am I missing something here ?

In case that matters, working with wine 1.6 atm
(Looking for Ubuntu Trusty fix)


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