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Maik Wagner maiktapwagner at
Sun Nov 29 02:25:34 CST 2015

Hello Abhijeet,

On 11/29/2015 07:35 AM, Abhijeet Panda wrote:
>   I am a big fan of this program and I want to contribute a lot
> to this. I have been through the getting started page. Is there anyone
> who could tell me the projects which are open and I could contribute
> to.
> thank you
I am definetely not a software developer and don't know that many 
programming languages but I am also a big fan of wine.

I mainly write AppDB reports and send in bug reports when I encounter 
them, do tests etc. What I would suggest is following the bug reports on and test the applications in question, maybe do 
regression tests, test staged patches etc. I am also in the middle of 
translating CrossOver into German. It's now at 93% currently.

I think reading about the bugs and subscribing to bug reports would be a 
good starting point.

Currently wine is in release candidate status and no more features are 
currently being added but development will definetely go on.


Maik Wagner

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