Make a 16-bit test in wine for krnl386.exe16

Nikolay Sivov bunglehead at
Sun Nov 29 12:13:56 CST 2015

On 29.11.2015 20:30, Bruno Jesus wrote:
> Hi all, I'm trying to create tests for GetPrivateProfileString16 but
> it is not working as expected because the test is calling the kernel32
> version of the function instead of the krnl386.exe16.
> Is there any way to make a test that compiles and runs against krnl386
> instead of kernel32?
> I tried a few different things and the attached patch is the last
> attempt (the tests are wrong but that is not the point yet).
> Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance,
> Bruno

I think the main problem is to actually be able to build NE binaries,
for that you'll need tools that support this, for example openwatcom C 
compiler, or some old enough Visual C++, maybe version 5 or 4.

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