README: add a note about 64-bit Wine needing 32-bit Wine to work

Sebastian Lackner sebastian at
Sun Nov 29 23:16:32 CST 2015

On 30.11.2015 06:04, Dmitry Timoshkov wrote:
> Sebastian Lackner <sebastian at> wrote:
>>>> + for details. Note that a 64-bit Wine
>>>> +  build will not work without also building 32-bit Wine.
>>> This statement is not true in general.
>>> Actually 64-bit Wine build works just fine without any 32-bit part. That's
>>> just a useless configuration, but it's a minor detail.
>> It depends on your definion of "works just fine". Various parts of wine contain
>> hardcoded paths to 32-bit executables, which can't work in a pure 64-bit build.
> By "works just fine" I mean that 64-bit Wine build is able to execute 64-bit
> Windows applications and built-in Wine programs.

But not if a user tries to run the built-in program with one of the shell script
wrappers. ;)

>> programs/winemenubuilder/winemenubuilder.c:
>>   fprintf(file, "Exec=env WINEPREFIX=\"%s\" wine %s %s\n",
>> tools/
>>   exec wine "$appname" "$@"
> That's just a symlink to the launcher, and probably it should depend on
> actual build.
>> Not sure if there is a way to express it a bit better, but I think in general it
>> probably wouldn't hurt to have this documented somewhere in the source tree.
> Sure.

Actually, when I think a bit more about it, instead of adding more documentation,
we probably just want to fix those few remaining symlink / wrapper script
problems. Of course it will still confuse unexperienced users who want to run
their 32-bit apps, but at least experienced users could use it as an (almost)
fully functional standalone Wine version then - of course at their own risk. ;)

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