Wine devel packages ready for testing

Michael Müller michael at
Mon Nov 30 15:57:22 CST 2015

Am 30.11.2015 um 20:29 schrieb Austin English:
> Typically the .pkg installer is signed.

You are right. Signing the xar archive is sufficient to make OS X happy
(I installed my self signed certificate):

$ pkgutil --check-signature wine-staging-1.7.55-osx.pkg
Package "wine-staging-1.7.55-osx.pkg":
   Status: signed by a certificate trusted on this system
   Certificate Chain:
    1. Test
       SHA1 fingerprint: A9 95 25 95 [...]

>From a technical point of view I don't see a problem in signing the
packages. We already have all required tools on the build system.

Am 30.11.2015 um 21:22 schrieb Hin-Tak Leung:
> Can you tell me more about the open tool used for signing Mac OS X
> I have been working on font signing in the recently open-sourced
> microsoft font validator (there is an official windows-only tool for
> signing fonts, but apparently an open-toolchain based tool also exist
> in somebody's hard disk)

The tool I used for sining the executables is ldid
( The program calculates the
checksums for all code sections, signs the checksums and then embeds the
signature into the Mach-O executable. It is unlikely that this will help
you with font files.

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