Ignored WineTest report

Francois Gouget fgouget at free.fr
Mon Oct 5 05:39:01 CDT 2015

On Mon, 5 Oct 2015, Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> >> It looks like it wasn't uploaded correctly, the file on the server side
> >> is only 3KB.
> >
> > That's strange. I uploaded it multiple times, twice from the FreeBSD 
> > machine and once from my Linux machine and all of them seem to have 
> > worked fine.
> This time it worked, but it got rejected because of too many failures.

I only count 44 failures. Isn't the limit 50?

$ egrep ' done [(].*[)]' winebot-fg-freebsd70-vm.report | grep -v 'done (0)'
crypt32:chain done (15) in 0s
dsound:capture done (-1073741819) in 0s
dsound:ds3d done (1) in 0s
dsound:ds3d8 done (1) in 0s
dsound:dsound done (35) in 0s
dsound:dsound8 done (40) in 0s
dsound:duplex done (-1073741819) in 0s
dsound:propset done (5) in 0s
dwrite:analyzer done (14) in 0s
dwrite:font done (255) in 3s
dwrite:layout done (1) in 2s
gdi32:font done (1) in 0s
gdiplus:image done (1) in 0s
iphlpapi:iphlpapi done (4) in 0s
kernel32:change done (83) in 15s
kernel32:console done (3) in 6s
kernel32:file done (8) in 3s
kernel32:pipe done (6) in 9s
kernel32:process done (6) in 12s
kernel32:virtual done (32) in 0s
kernel32:volume done (2) in 0s
mshtml:script done (1) in 1s
ntdll:change done (26) in 0s
ntdll:directory done (18) in 0s
ntdll:exception done (4) in 0s
ntdll:file done (2) in 0s
ntdll:threadpool done (1) in 5s
ntdsapi:ntdsapi done (1) in 0s
opengl32:opengl done (1) in 0s
qmgr:job done (2) in 32s
rpcrt4:server done (1) in 1s
secur32:schannel done (8) in 0s
shell32:shelldispatch done (1) in 0s
urlmon:protocol done (258) in 120s
urlmon:url done (2) in 7s
user32:input done (17) in 4s
user32:monitor done (16) in 0s
user32:msg done (3) in 34s
winhttp:winhttp done (7) in 6s
wininet:http done (-1073741819) in 2s
winmm:capture done (3) in 0s
winmm:mixer done (4) in 0s
winmm:wave done (3) in 0s
ws2_32:sock done (-1073741819) in 18s

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