[PATCH 2/5] ddraw/tests: Add Direct3D3 test section

Andrew D'Addesio andrew at fatbag.net
Mon Oct 5 13:05:02 CDT 2015

On 10/05/2015 01:54 AM, Stefan Dösinger wrote:
> Hi,
> Your mails ended up in my spam folder for some reason. Google says it
> has large similarities to other known spam mail, which seems unlikely
> to me.

Hmm, I hope it's not a problem with my SMTP server having a bad reputation.

On 10/05/2015 01:54 AM, Stefan Dösinger wrote:
> Am 2015-10-04 um 19:52 schrieb Andrew D'Addesio:
>> To avoid confusion, CreateDirect3D/ReleaseDirect3D is also renamed to
>> CreateDirect3D7/ReleaseDirect3D7.
>> ---
>> dlls/ddraw/tests/d3d.c | 167 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++----
>> 1 file changed, 154 insertions(+), 13 deletions(-)
> New tests should be added to ddraw*.c, ideally in all ddraw versions
> that offer the tested feature. The long term goal for d3d.c, dsurface.c,
> etc is to be migrated to those files.
> If you want to modify an existing test in d3d.c please move the existing
> code to ddraw*.c, then add your new test features to it. These files
> have some exising helper functions like create_device, so you don't have
> to take stuff like d3d3_create_objects along.
> Cheers,
> Stefan

Sure, I can do that. By a quick eyeballing I see that lots of tests are
duplicated across ddraw*.c (test_palette_gdi, test_palette_alpha, ...).
Currently FindDevice is a Direct3D1 test; would you want me to duplicate that
test for Direct3D 1, 2, 3, & 7 into ddraw(1|2|3|7).c?

With this change I can remove patch #3 ("ddraw/tests: Restore strings modified
by D3D7EnumLifetimeTest"). I wrote patch #3 because my D3D*EnumTest tests depend
on the device strings being unchanged (so either D3D7EnumLifetimeTest must occur
after my EnumTest tests or it must be changed to restore the device strings it
modifies). If I move the EnumDevices test into ddraw*.c, then I no longer need
to modify D3D7EnumLifetimeTest, so I can remove patch #3.

I wrote patch #1 ("ddraw/tests: Don't skip d3d1-2 tests if DirectDrawCreateEx
isn't present") mainly to simplify the START_TEST(d3d) function a little bit, in
order to keep patch #2 clear, but it also has the benefit of doing the correct
thing (I believe currently none of the tests in d3d.c are running in systems
with DirectX < 7.0; this patch fixes this). So patch #1 still seems kind of
important, but moving CreateDirect3D to ddraw1.c would mean moving all of the
Direct3D1 tests to ddraw1.c, which is a little excessive for my first patchset.
So I might want to resubmit patch #1 separately.

Unless we just don't care about systems that old; in that case patch #1 is not
important and I can remove it as well.


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