[PATCH 1/6] d3d9/tests: Fix color_match().

Matteo Bruni matteo.mystral at gmail.com
Thu Oct 8 06:47:38 CDT 2015

2015-10-08 13:33 GMT+02:00 Henri Verbeet <hverbeet at gmail.com>:
> On 8 October 2015 at 01:26, Matteo Bruni <mbruni at codeweavers.com> wrote:
>> Clang on OS X complains about calling abs() on an unsigned value and
>> I think it has a point since technically the unsigned to signed
>> conversion is implementation-dependent when the value can't be
>> represented in the signed integer type (i.e. for the "negative" numbers).
> ...and I don't suppose you accidentally compiled with -Wpedantic. The
> warning isn't wrong, but it's not terribly useful either. On two's
> complement systems (i.e., anything relevant) the reasonable thing to
> do is also the correct thing. This function exists in other places as
> well, of course.

No, no -Wpedantic or other weird flags and yeah, it's not a very
interesting warning. Actually the message is "warning: taking the
absolute value of unsigned type 'unsigned int' has no effect
[-Wabsolute-value]", which is just wrong since removing the abs()
obviously breaks the comparison.

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