Total bugs in WWN Issue 400

André Hentschel nerv at
Sun Oct 11 10:51:54 CDT 2015

Am 08.10.2015 um 10:44 schrieb Michael Stefaniuc:
> On 10/07/2015 08:01 PM, Mathew Hodson wrote:
>> How is it that in WWN Issue 400,, the
>> total number of bugs has decreased?
>> Was that an error or have some bugs been deleted?
> Looks like an error:
> Two new bug statuses NEEDINFO and STAGED where introduced.
> Most likely André has to update his scripts to take those into account.
> Thanks for reporting it.

I noticed that problem, but decided to not care, sorry.
I'd suspect it was a one time problem for negative values, but if people want staging stats and so on, then patches are welcome:

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