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Maik Wagner maiktapwagner at
Wed Oct 14 11:18:16 CDT 2015

Hello Andre,

Am 14.10.2015 um 17:26 schrieb André Hentschel:
> Cool, thx for doing this! I was reading through your slides and 
> figured that it sounds like the development version gets replaced by 
> staging, but that's not true. "Entwicklerversion erschien alle zwei 
> Wochen – jetzt wine-staging" The development version will still be 
> released biweekly and staging shortly after 
yes, I forgot to correct this. Sebastian informed me on IRC yesterday 
what the time-based releases are about. Thanks for pointing this out.

Just let me get this right so that I don't give out false information:
- Development version (1.7.x) comes out every two weeks.
- Patches are staged, at least I have seen that you have a new field in 
- 1.8 will be a time-based release with code freeze in fall

I have attached updated slides. The brand name "CrossOver" was also not 
spelt correctly before.


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