xrdp wine drv

Jay Sorg jay.sorg at gmail.com
Thu Oct 15 18:25:29 CDT 2015

Thanks Micheal,

>> I'm hacking on wine fork from github.com.
> that's not a fork but a mirror setup by github.

Yes, this is the one

>> My goal is to create a new driver for wine for xrdp.
>> Similar to winemac.drv and winex11.drv but not to draw into a Mac or
>> X11 window but an xrdp session.
>> I don't want to have any X11 in the picture, strait from wine gdi into xrdp.
>> Is anyone interested in this effort?
> You are more than welcome to scratch your itch and do it.
> We have Wine Staging for this type of experimental feature; it's a good
> way to gauge the demand for such a driver.

Sure, sounds like a plan.

>> Is there an example dummy driver for learning?
> The null driver would fit that bill. Search for "nulldrv_" in
> dlls/gdi32/

I'll take a look but I already got an experimental driver compiling
and loading just from looking at winex11.drv and winemac.drv.
Hopefully I can create something useful.


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