[RFC PATCH 2/2] vcruntime140: Add the new MSVC 2015 compiler specific DLL.

Nikolay Sivov bunglehead at gmail.com
Sun Oct 18 14:39:56 CDT 2015

On 18.10.2015 22:20, Martin Storsjo wrote:

Is it not enough to have MSVCR_VER only? E.g. is it possible to have 
MSVCR_VER defined to 140 and undefined VCRUNTIME at the same time?

> +//    msvcrt_init_exception(hinstDLL);
> +    if(!msvcrt_init_tls()) {

Debug leftovers?

> diff --git a/dlls/msvcrt/main-vcruntime.c b/dlls/msvcrt/main-vcruntime.c
> new file mode 100644
> index 0000000..ccbe6a9
> --- /dev/null
> +++ b/dlls/msvcrt/main-vcruntime.c

This looks like a workaround to me. Will it work to duplicate this in 
vcruntime140 or consolidate it in some way making it usable from msvcrt 
and vcruntime*?

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