[PATCH] quartz: show fixme for Parser_OutputPin_QueryInterface only once

Jonas Maebe jonas.maebe at elis.ugent.be
Wed Oct 21 03:21:05 CDT 2015

Nikolay Sivov wrote:

> This is too much, because it will disable every failed QI fixme after
> first one. Base output pin already supports IQualityControl case, by
> forwarding it. So proper fix is to try to write some tests for this pin
> implementation to see if it's supposed to be supported, and then act
> from there.

How does one figure out the meaning of the interface 
"{56a868a5-0ad4-11ce-b03a-0020af0ba770}"? Google doesn't turn up 
anything but other people getting flooded with the same message when 
running various games under Wine (so I'm fairly confident it's supposed 
to be supported). There are no hits for it on the microsoft.com domain.

I don't have any Windows system, in case that's relevant. I can register 
for a testbot account, but I can't run local native tests nor debug them 
(nor hear what that the effect of that interface is supposed to sound like).


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