Report from wine-presentation at ubucon

Maik Wagner maiktapwagner at
Mon Oct 26 07:20:31 CDT 2015

Dear wine-Team,

I would like to report on my activities at the ubucon convention in 
Berlin which took place this weekend.

My talk was scheduled at 10 am but due to daylight saving time I could 
sleep one hour longer. I brought my Slackware 14.1 laptop and presented 
the latest 1.7.53 and showed some basic stuff as in the forums some 
people wouldn't know what version they are running. So I showed them how 
to find out their version with "wine --version" and how to create a 
prefix, using winecfg to switch between versions and eventually did a 
test for the AppDB as it's always useful to have new reports and made 
clear that testing should be done in a clean prefix.

In total there were about 130 people coming to Berlin and in my talk we 
were about eight people who seemed very interested. One of them talked 
to me afterwards that he really appreciates on what wine is doing and 
during the talk I mentioned the start of DirectX11 development.

Codeweavers supplied me with a polo shirt which I wore during the 
presentation to make it look more professional. I also mentioned things 
like reading the World Wine News and when a new version is coming out 
and that the development has shifted towards time-based releases.

Last but not least I showed them some live testing on a demo mentioning 
that demo versions are very useful.

I attached a photo of me which was taken by one of the participants at 
the beginning using my mobile phone camera.

Have a good week,

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