[PATCH 04/4] msvcp120/tests: Add tests of tr2_sys__Open_dir, tr2_sys__Read_dir and tr2_sys__Close_dir.(try 3)

Piotr Caban piotr.caban at gmail.com
Tue Oct 27 10:24:41 CDT 2015


the tests are failing here:
fixme:file:CreateSymbolicLinkA ("tr2_test_dir/f1_link" "tr2_test_dir/f1" 
0): stub
fixme:file:CreateSymbolicLinkA ("tr2_test_dir/dir_link" "tr2_test_dir" 
1): stub
msvcp120.c:1179: Test failed: tr2_sys__Open_dir(): expect: regular_file, 
got 3
Makefile:159: recipe for target 'msvcp120.ok' failed
make: *** [msvcp120.ok] Error 1
The tests should not depend on read order of files inside a directory.

The patch is also causing compilation warning when 64-bit wine is compiled:
../../../../wine_src/dlls/msvcp120/tests/msvcp120.c: In function 
../../../../wine_src/dlls/msvcp120/tests/msvcp120.c:1162:5: warning: 
format '%d' expects argument of type 'int', but argument 3 has type 
'size_t' [-Wformat=]
      ok(strlen(longer_path) == MAX_PATH, "tr2_sys__Open_dir(): expect 
MAX_PATH, got %d\n", strlen(longer_path));


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