msasn1: implement ASN1_CreateModule

Austin English austinenglish at
Wed Oct 28 10:32:27 CDT 2015

On Tue, Oct 27, 2015 at 3:29 PM, Nikolay Sivov <bunglehead at> wrote:
> On 27.10.2015 23:10, Austin English wrote:
>> This is based on code from the FreeRDP project, used with permission
>> of the author, Marc-André Moreau <marcandre.moreau at>
> Do you plan to reuse more from there? Is it clean license-wise? And more
> importantly, how did FreeRDP project came up with that implementation?

I have no plans for that currently, FoxIt didn't use any other
functions that were implemented in FreeRDP. Stubs were sufficient for

The licenses are different, but Marc agreed to relicense under LGPL 2.1:
Hi Austin,

You can go ahead and use my asn1 sources from FreeRDP/WinPR under the
LGPL2.1 license. I am the only author for that module, and I am giving
you a copy of it under the LGPL2.1 license as of today. The mention
you intend to put in the source code should suffice to avoid

Let me know if you need pointers on how to continue the work on
reversing msasn1.dll. Stubbing the headers took a while, you at least
have that already done for you :)

Best regards,

I don't know the details for how FreeRDP implemented it.

>> For
>> +
>> +ASN1module_t WINAPI ASN1_CreateModule(ASN1uint32_t version,
>> ASN1encodingrule_e rule, ASN1uint32_t flags, ASN1uint32_t pdu, const
>> ASN1GenericFun_t encoder[], const ASN1GenericFun_t decoder[], const
>> ASN1FreeFun_t freememory[], const ASN1uint32_t size[], ASN1magic_t
>> modulename)
> arg[] notation seems redundant, *arg is cleaner and more common for Wine.
>> +    ASN1module_t module = NULL;
> No need to init this.
>> +    if (!((encoder) && (decoder) && (freememory) && (size)))
>> +        return NULL;
> ...
>> +    module = (ASN1module_t) malloc(sizeof(struct tagASN1module_t));
>> +    ZeroMemory(module, sizeof(struct tagASN1module_t));
> Heap* API please. And you don't need to zero-init it, or use tag* names.


> All structures seem to be documented well, what's a reason to reuse simple
> parts like such structure allocations?
> Can this be tested by directly calling ASN1_* functions? If yes, simple test
> would be nice to have.

I'll test.


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