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Francois Gouget fgouget at
Thu Sep 17 20:21:18 CDT 2015

So this time I've done things in the right order: first publish the code 
and then announce it.

So here's wt-daily, a script to "orchestrate all the daily WineTest runs 
and related tasks."

Here's the 'quickstart guide':

git clone
cd wt-daily
vi wt-daily.config
  In this file set the following environment variables:
  email="your email address here"
  desc="A description of your system for Wine developers"

Then when you know you won't be needing your computer for a while, just 
type ./wt-daily. This will update and rebuild Wine, run the tests and 
finally suspend your machine.

It's that simple!

If you'd rather not suspend your machine you can set shutdown to 
"poweroff", "reboot" or even leave it out to keep the computer on.

By default wt-daily will ask for your green light before starting the 
tests. So you can start it while still using the computer and click 'Ok' 
once you take off. To have the tests run automatically (e.g. from cron), 
pass --auto-test on the command line or set default_options="--auto-test"
in the configuration file.

If you have a 64-bit system then you can also set the {tag,desc}wow32 
and {tag,desc}wow64 variables to run the tests in a mixed 32/64-bit 
WinePrefix. If you have a Mac, set the {tag,desc}mac variables to run 
the tests using the Mac driver instead of (or in addition to) X11.

The script should work on OS/X though I have obviously not tested it in 
a long time. I'ĺl be happy to get feedback on that, particularly in the 
form of patches.

Now you can totally stop reading here. But there's a ton more that the 
script can do. Read on if you want to discover more.

You can have the script start an application that will prevent the tests 
from running until you close it. I used that to run the tests on a 
MythTV client box. Wine would get updated and rebuilt in the background 
while I was watching TV and once that was done the script would run the 
tests and finally power off the computer.

You can also take an image of a suitably configured Windows partition 
and have wt-daily restore that image to the partition, reboot to Windows 
which will automatically run WineTest (you'll find the batch script for 
that in the repository), then reboot back to Linux (or shutdown the 

This functionality is used on the cw1-hd6800 and xw2-gtx560 CodeWeavers 
boxes to run the tests on Linux, then Windows 8.1 and then Windows 10. 
All automatically. The script actually runs every hour and skips the 
tests (and rebooting) if nothing changed since the last run.

I also have this Windows image thing set up on my fg-acer64 laptop but 
there I interactively select which Windows image to restore, with a 
choice of Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 (or nothing if I don't feel like going 
through a reboot).

You can also extend wt-daily to add non Wine tasks. For instance on my 
laptops it runs another script that synchronizes the Documents folder 
with my desktop and runs 'git fetch --all' in all my Git repositories. 
This way the next time I go offline everything is up to date.

The repository also contains a number or scripts that you may find 
useful in your own automation tasks as they support not just Linux but 
OS/X too.

wt-image       Creates, checks, restores or reboots to a disk image.

wt-bot         Update, build and check the Wine source code, and run the tests.
wt-make        Seeks to automatically fully use CPU and I/O parallelism when running make.

wt-ask         Asks a simple Yes/No question to the user.
wt-notify      Displays a notification to the user.
wt-power       Powers off, reboots, suspends or hibernates the computer.
wt-screensaver Controls the screensaver. In particular it can prevent it from triggering.
wt-nice        Runs the specified command with the lowest possible CPU and I/O priority.

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