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On Thu, 7 Apr 2016 15:25:26 -0500
Austin English <austinenglish at> wrote:

> Getting winegstreamer to work certainly has been, at least in the past.

Yes, it has. The dominant problems are: 

1. I'm trying to build Wine on a 64 bit system. ./configure keeps telling me it can't find the 32 bit gstreamer development files, but I have them installed.  

2. My app doesn't work and winegstreamer is complaining about a missing plugin. Which package should I install? (Or the variation, "But I've already installed all the gstreamer plugins available in the repository and it still doesn't work. What should I do?")

The info on building with gstreamer support on a 64 bit system does need to be added to the Building Wine page (it's on my wiki todo list). The second item is difficult to handle in the FAQ because the answers vary so much by distro. Specific information could be added to the individual distro pages (Debian in particular seems to need it). 

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