Experimental 64 bit OS X packages ready for testing

Michael Müller michael at fds-team.de
Fri Apr 8 23:03:18 CDT 2016

Hi all,

recently there were multiple requests to provide experimental OS X 64
bit packages. I decided to give it a try and updated our build system
and cross compiling toolchain during the last days. Luckily the whole
idea turned out to be less difficult than I thought, and I can now
present you the first 64-bit Wine packages for testing. It would be
great to have some testers to find out if I made a mistake during the
packaging and to evaluate how good the OS X 64 bit support already
works, despite the GS segment / TEB problem.

You can find the test packages at
https://repos.wine-staging.com/macosx/beta/. I didn't use the WineHQ url
because those packages are really in a very early stage, so I would like
to have some more testers first before we push it to the users. The pkg
installer will now provide you with an option to enable 64 bit support.
The files of the 32-bit and 64-bit build are merged during the
installation depending on your choice. Please test both options to
ensure that a pure 32-bit build also still works as expected.

The wine devel package is a pure 1.9.7 build without any additional
patches applied, while the staging package contains a small hack to work
around at least some of the GS segment issues (it fixed 64 bit VLC and
TS3 for me). If you stumble upon any differences between both packages
(besides the staged bugs), feel free to tell them to me. This way I can
find out how much the hack breaks ;-). Anyway, I am looking forward to
your feedback.

The checksums are:

BTW: Are there any news regarding the developer certificate, so we can
sign the packages? I have not heard anything since about four months ago
when there was the idea to ask the SFC.


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