[PATCH 3/5] user32: Don't enable owner in DIALOG_DoDialogBox.

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at baikal.ru
Mon Apr 11 06:21:12 CDT 2016

Jacek Caban <jacek at codeweavers.com> wrote:

> >> On 04/06/16 15:24, Jacek Caban wrote:
> >>> Could you share those tests (WIP is fine) or run my patches against them?
> >>  Ping. Did you have a chance to run those tests?
> > No. But since you already know that removing DF_OWNERENABLED handling
> > is wrong it shouldn't be too hard to add appropriate tests.
> No, as far as I know removing is right and I added tests that reach
> EnableWindow() in every possible code path. I know only that you said
> it's wrong with no prove to back that. I guess that you misinterpreted
> results of your own tests and the fact that you claim you didn't bother
> to run my patches against those tests tells pretty much all about
> quality and intentions of your reviews.

Actually the fact that you can't reproduce the described above behaviour
with in your own tests tells quite a bit (yes, EndDialog() is not supposed
to enable a previously disabled owner under some conditions). You really
shouldn't be surprised that much by the lack of help from me to reproduce
this really simple thing: you decided to dismiss the cooperation request
from Sebastian, and were pretty unpleasant during the whole conversation.


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