EVE using Wine on Mac

Michael Müller michael at fds-team.de
Mon Apr 11 11:14:37 CDT 2016

Am 11.04.2016 um 15:15 schrieb Snorri Sturluson:
> experiment is going well – there have been some issues with getting Wine
> to run on all the different OS X versions and different hardware
> configurations out there, but that has largely been resolved (I think)
> with proper configuration of the build machine producing the Wine build.

WineHQ provides builds for OS X as tar archive which you could repackage
if you don't want to build Wine. All imports are rewritten to be
position independent and you could just extract the files wherever you
want. However, the builds also support X11 and therefore depend on
XQuartz which is most probably a no-go for you.

> My plan is to proactively hunt down and fix any issues our Mac players
> run into, whether the fix entails digging into Wine source or our own
> codebase. Ideally everything we do in EVE should just work under Wine,
> but sometimes a workaround in our code may be easier than hunting down
> why Wine behaves different from Windows, but being able to debug both
> sides makes finding workarounds easier. Any fixes I come up with I will
> contribute to Wine, of course – it remains to be seen if they end up
> being very EVE specific, as EVE will of course be my main focus.

It is great that you try to help the Wine project. Adding workarounds in
EVE has some disadvantages though. You basically remove the possibility
for us to debug the issue since we don't have access to the old version
any more. If you run into a problem you can't or don't want to fix on
your own, it would be better if you could open a bug report with a test
executable (or even better some source code to reproduce the issue).
This way someone else can fix the issue in Wine and you can remove the
work around again. Please also make sure that the Wine specific
workarounds also work on Windows. Otherwise you just depend on a bug in
Wine which might be fixed any time. There are already some applications
which are now broken in Wine because of this. The developers added
workarounds that depended on Wine specific behavior, but the the bug was
fixed in the mean time and the software didn't receive an update.

Anyway, thanks for your work so far.


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