user32/tests: Add some tests for dialog owner disabled state. (v3)

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Mon Apr 11 23:46:59 CDT 2016

Alexandre Julliard <julliard at> wrote:

> >> > Regarding any possible additional tests or moving some logic around:
> >> > as the patch subject says these tests don't pretend to be perfect or
> >> > exhaustive set of tests, they simply test some things I was interested
> >> > in, and as always with every test there are things that could be added
> >> > or changed.
> >> 
> >> Of course, but could you please fix the few things that Jacek mentioned,
> >> and update the todos that succeed now?  Thanks.
> >
> > I can resend with just todos removed if that's ok, since changing the things
> > that Jacek pointed out (adding the tests after EndDialog, moving the tests
> > into another place or removing a test that  makes sure that window state has
> > not really changed) has no influence on the things being actually tested.
> Maybe it would still be testing the same thing, but moving the tests out
> of WM_INITDIALOG would make things clearer.

That would complicate things for no reason and wouldn't chage anything.
For instance moving the tests out of WM_INITDIALOG to WM_ENTERIDLE would
make the tests actually test different behaviour than it was originally

> Avoiding changing the window
> creation of existing tests would be a good thing too.

Since I am an original author of existing tests I don't think that adding
another hoop to jump trough (make the tests cope with NULL parent) would
change anything for existing tests since this wouldn't change the dialog


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