[v10 1/4] d3dx9: Implement fxlc constants (expressions) in effect.

Paul Gofman gofmanp at gmail.com
Wed Apr 13 15:16:35 CDT 2016

On 04/13/2016 10:53 PM, Matteo Bruni wrote:
>>     BTW I encountered d3ts_dotswiz preshader opcode which can take 6 or
>> 8 arguments. Adding it required the appropriate increase of
>> MAX_INPUTS_COUNT and a bit different handling of op table (not to
>> introduce a variable input count in instructions and not to take back
>> the input arguments count into instruction structure), but
>> ARGS_ARRAY_SIZE remained unchanged.
> Cool. How did you test that 6 and 8 are the only possible argument counts?
> I don't know how you changed the opcode handling but otherwise you
> could probably just use two separate opcodes for dotswiz 6 and dotswiz
> 8.
I checked the translation all possible components count constructs like
a.zxyy * b.xxxw. If the components count is 3 or 4, MS compiler
generates d3ts_dotswiz with the respective number of args, and plain
mul/add if less. It does not prove that it is not possible to get
d3ts_dotswiz with 2 though, but I am not sure I should add such until I
will be sweeping all possible opcodes to have all of them in place.
After we finish with this patchset I will summarize the leftovers/TODOs
for preshader/effects I know so we could possibly prioritize them.

I used two separate entries into op_info with the same opcode and
different args count, and modified search to compare both opcode and
number of arguments.

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