The future of the native theming support

Alexandre Julliard julliard at
Tue Apr 26 08:58:41 CDT 2016

Ivan Akulinchev <ivan.akulinchev at> writes:

> So my GSoC proposal wasn't accepted this year. Probably it was my
> mistake by applying it too late, but this mail is not about this.
> Since a big research was already done, it would be fine to implement
> this feature anyway. The problem is that I still don't know what such
> people as Alexandre Julliard think about it. I got some positive
> feedback from normal users and even some Wine developers. However they
> don't make decisions about the Wine future and I don't want to spend
> my time if this feature will never get into upstream.

Improvements to the existing comctl32 and uxtheme to properly support
Windows themes would be most welcome, and would be a prerequisite for
other changes anyway. More test cases would also be very helpful.

Whether we want to load a native toolkit to replace common controls is
debatable, and that part is not going to get upstream without some very
convincing arguments.

A tool to generate Windows themes from the native ones would probably
give most of the benefits, without the compatibility issues of a native

Alexandre Julliard
julliard at

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