[2/6] wininet/tests: Add tests for asynchronous InternetReadFileEx.

Jacek Caban jacek at codeweavers.com
Tue Apr 26 15:47:01 CDT 2016

Hi Sebastian,

On 04/26/16 16:11, Sebastian Lackner wrote:
> On 26.04.2016 14:30, Jacek Caban wrote:
>> It's a nice way to force async read, but when you add tests with
>> predictable reads it would be nice to take more advantage of that. What
>> do you think about:
>> - call InternetReadFileEx and check that it's done sync
>> - call InternetReadFileEx and check that it's done async
>> - set conn_wait_event, wait completion and make sure we read all
>> remaining data
>> - call InternetReadFileEx and make sure it synchronously hits the end of
>> data
>> Thanks,
>> Jacek
> I don't think its necessary to restructure the whole code, unrolling the
> loop would require a lot of code duplication because Wine still behaves
> different in many aspects, and even on Windows it depends on things like
> buffer sizes.

I expected Wine to be closer to Windows in this case. I experimented a
bit with your tests and I can see that those are less predictable than I
thought. You'd see Wine behaviour by using IRF_NO_WAIT, so handling
flags 0 is a problem in Wine, but not the only one. Anyway, those are
unrelated to your changes, so it's fine as is.

> I've added more tests (some as todo_wine) for the things you
> pointed out below though. Are you fine with the new patch, or any other
> cases you would like to have tested?

Thanks for adding them. Just a few comments:

+            if (!pending_reads++)
+            {
+                res = WaitForSingleObject( hCompleteEvent, 200 );
+                ok( res == WAIT_TIMEOUT, "expected WAIT_TIMEOUT, got %u\n", res );
+                SetEvent( conn_wait_event );
+            }

I'm not sure what is this for and I'd like to avoid adding expected
timeouts is possible. Checking last error ERROR_IO_PENDING seems enough
to consider it being done asynchronously. Sorry if you misunderstood my
comment about checking it for being async.

+            todo_wine_if( ib.dwBufferLength == 0 )
+            ok( ib.dwBufferLength != 0, "expected ib.dwBufferLength != 0\n" );

todo_wine_if(pending_reads > 1) should do the trick here and won't
completely disable the test on Wine.

Same comments apply to InternetReadFile tests.


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