The future of the native theming support

Alexandre Julliard julliard at
Wed Apr 27 01:10:32 CDT 2016

Ivan Akulinchev <ivan.akulinchev at> writes:

>> Improvements to the existing comctl32 and uxtheme to properly support
>> Windows themes would be most welcome, and would be a prerequisite for
> other changes anyway. More test cases would also be very helpful.
> The best way to test uxtheme.dll is to create an own theme. However
> Windows has a protection against third-party themes. It’s easy to break,
> but isn’t allowed by EULA. Do we need Wine-only tests?

I expect that it would be possible to test already quite a bit by using
the standard Windows themes.

> Again, the only thing I want to change is a library, corresponding for
> providing of some images. This images can NOT break anything. The reason
> why I don't use the existing implementation is because the algorithm of
> generating this images is not trivial and it's very hard to implement it
> using the existing (MSSTYLES) file format.

If it's only the images, I agree that it's less likely to break things,
but it's not a very good user experience either, since the controls look
native but behave like Windows controls. That doesn't mean it couldn't
be added as an option, but we should first make sure that we can support
MSSTYLES themes properly, and ideally provide some decent-looking
default theme with Wine.

Alexandre Julliard
julliard at

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