[PATCH] po: update Norwegian translation

Kim Malmo berencamlost at msn.com
Sat Apr 30 16:50:45 CDT 2016

Den 30. april 2016 17:33, skrev Nikolay Sivov:
> On 30.04.2016 17:18, Kim Malmo wrote:
>> I have added missing translations and fixed up the fuzzy ones. I've also
>> fixed some minor typos and spelling errors in the old translation.
>> The undertaking that might stand out here however, is I've tried to make
>> it more consistent with itself, and more consistent with the original
>> english text. One thing I want to point out is the (former) usage of
>> « and » signs. First of all the are no longer present on Norwegian
>> keyboards, second and perhaps most importantly, they look hideous with
>> whatever is the default Wine font. For consistency what I've done is the
>> following:
>> * For %1 (or similar) in the english text I have used %1 or '%1' depending
>> on context. In some cases it makes sense to wrap handles or operations
>> in Norwegian.
>> * For '%1' (or similar) in the english text I have used '%1'
>> * All cases of «%1» (or similar) has been changed to %1 or '%1' depending
>> on context.
>> For parts of the translation I have tried to make the context and meaning
>> more clear. There are also quite a few changes to make it more conformant
>> with Microsoft's Norwegian Bokmål Style Guide.
> Hi, thank you for this major update.
Thanks for the feedback.

The translation easily needed a bit of touchup. Most of the changes are 
simply fixing
errors or adding missing strings.

The patch got sent prematurely due to a slip on my part. I have some more
proofreading to do, and I will do a second consistency pass. I will do a 
patch if I come across any errors on my part.
> Regarding quotation marks, it's really up to target language to use one
> of several styles of quotation marks and quotation formatting. Original
> English text is only a reference, not something to follow.
> User guide you mentioned, mostly tells to omit quotation marks (p. 58),
> and use straight double quotes if they are necessary.
Correct. I've removed quotation marks where I've deemed it to be for the 
My main reasoning for going with single over double quotation marks is 
> The fact that '«' and '»' are missing from default keyboard layout is
> unfortunate but can't alone be a reason not to use them, if traditional
> typographical rules tell so.
> What about default Wine font problems with them? I see no such thing
> when testing in clean prefix, but it could certainly depend on dpi/font
> size (Wine's Tahoma is simplistic) and actual font you're using.

I did put some consideration into which quotation marks to use, as both 
were used. This is the more nitpicky part of my changes, but I am of the 
that the convention I decided to go with looks cleaner and is easier on 
the eye. It was
not an /issue/ per se, only aestethics.
>> Signed-off-by: Kim Malmo <berencamlost at msn.com>

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