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Juan Jose Gonzalez at
Thu Feb 11 01:51:40 CST 2016


I saw the XInput (Xbox controller input) entry on the SoC site and was
wondering what the requirements are.

Context: I implemented XInput (Input + Rumble) a few months ago and have
been using it to play XInput-only games since. My implementation allows
for different backends, but I've only implemented an evdev backend for
linux. I also started working on editable controller mappings through
registry entries. I didn't try to submit any patches or finish the
mapping config, since by the time I had polished my code enough, the
hidclass development had gained steam and it seemed that that was what
wine was supposed to use for XInput.

Another option, and in my opinion the cleanest, would be to directly
access XBox controllers through USB, possibly using code from the
xboxdrv project.

What are your thoughts on this? Should the XInput driver be based on
hidclass, xboxdrv, or should it be able to use different backends? If
it's just supposed to use hidclass, my implementation is pretty much
useless, since splitting backend and driver seems like unnecessary
overhead when hidclass already uses different backends.

On 02/10/2016 10:04 PM, André Hentschel wrote:
> Hi,
> please update with your Ideas and mention yourself as possible mentor where appropriate.
> Some things can be dropped I think, OpenMP maybe?
> Thanks!

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