Mac OS X beta packages!

Michael Müller michael at
Sat Jan 2 11:32:06 CST 2016

Am 02.01.2016 um 16:49 schrieb Rosanne DiMesio:
> On Fri, 1 Jan 2016 02:54:48 +0100
> Michael Müller <michael at> wrote:
>> we are happy to announce an initial version of our Mac OS X >= 10.8
>> builds. So far the packages have not yet received that much testing, so
>> please give them a try, and report any issues you encounter.
> This is probably a dumb question, but since I know nothing about Macs but have to support Mac users, I have to ask it. I noticed that, unlike your instructions for the Linux packages, you didn't mention anything about being able to install both the development and staging packages on the same machine. Does that mean it's not possible to have both packages installed on Mac OS X, or that it is possible, but nothing special needs to be done? Also, are there potential conflicts with previously installed versions of Wine that users need to be warned about? I'm thinking of Wine installed via Macports, Fink, or Homebrew in particular.

The Wine Devel and Wine Staging packages can be installed in parallel.
When started correctly (using Launchpad or the Dock), they will work no
matter which other Wine versions are on the same system. Technically
this is implemented by prepending the $PATH environment variable with
the installation directory of our Wine version.

Please note that it is very important here that users use the Launcher,
typing "wine" in a regular terminal will either not work, or run a Wine
version installed via other sources like Macports/Fink/Homebrew. At
least Homebrew installs to /usr/local, which means that "wine" typed in
a regular terminal has a different meaning than "wine" typed in a
terminal spawned by clicking on "Wine Devel" or "Wine Staging". Only in
the second case, the WineHQ packages will be used.

In order to start WineHQ from a terminal without going through our
Launcher, the user either has to:

* Prepend $PATH himself with the installation directory. For an
installation into the home directory, the following command should work:

export PATH="$HOME/Applications/Wine$PATH"

export PATH="$HOME/Applications/Wine$PATH"

* Use the Mac OS X specific "open" command, which will search for the
executable by program name.

open -a "Wine Devel" program.exe
open -a "Wine Devel" --args winecfg
open -a "Wine Staging" program.exe

The only (non-critical) "conflict" is that the Devel and Staging
packages (and also Play On Mac) register themselves for .exe files. The
first installed application is then the default application to open .exe
files. But like on all other systems, you can do a right click on such a
file and use the "Open With" menu entry to select the application you
want to use. The user can also change the default application for the
.exe extension, if they want to always use Wine Devel or Wine Staging.


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