Replacing TestLauncher... or not?

Austin English austinenglish at
Mon Apr 3 12:21:13 CDT 2017

On Mon, Apr 3, 2017 at 11:57 AM, André Hentschel <nerv at> wrote:
> Can't you just fork winetest, throw out everything unwanted, add some
> missing features and make that the new testlauncher?
> Am 02.04.2017 11:30 nachm. schrieb Francois Gouget
> <fgouget at>:
> One of the hoped for TestBot improvements is to get rid of TestLauncher
> and replace it with WineTest on the theory that they perform the same
> role.
> Indeed both add lines to the test report to identify the start and end
> of each test, and they check that the dlls needed for the test are
> present (which is buggy in TestLauncher).
> However WineTest only deals with Wine's test executables and this leads
> to some hardcoded assumptions:
> 1) It expects to extract the test executables from its own resources.
> 2) It expects that the executables will be called something like
>    <dllname>_test.exe and that it means it should check if <dllname> is
>    usable.
> 3) It expects that when given the 'list' parameter the executable will
>    spit out the list of test units to run.
> 4) Then it expects proceeds to run the test executables with the command
>    line that it chose.
> However the TestBot also lets Wine developers upload any executable they
> like and lets them specify the command line they want. This breaks all
> the above assumptions.
> So, to replace TestLauncher, WineTest would need to be modified so it
> can run an arbitrary executable, not from its own resources, using an
> arbitrary command line. And it also means merging TestLauncher's code
> that dives into the executable's import table to figure out which dlls
> are needed, with WineTest's code that has support for activation
> contexts (the lack of which is what's causing the bug in TestLauncher if
> I understand correctly).
> Finally one would also want to be able to build WineTest without any
> builtin test executable to get something small enough since it would get
> uploaded for each task. And that would still leave all the GUI as dead
> weight. As far as I can tell a WineTest with no builtin test still takes
> around 87 KB whereas TestLauncher can get under 12 KB.
> Even in the patch case there are some issues though these have
> essentially been known from the start:
> * Currently it's only possible to build WineTest with all the tests,
>    resulting in a huge executables. Fixing this requires either
>    bypassing the build system to build WineTest, or tweaking the build
>    system so one can specify which executables to embed.
> * Even if we embed only one test executable we usually only want to run
>    one test unit. Fortunately that's already possible by specifying it
>    on the command line.
> * However, even in the case of a patch the Wine developer can specify
>    an arbitrary command line. This is probably not very command but do
>    we want to drop it?
> * Finally WineTest systematically outputs platform information. That
>    would make every report a bit larger and would force developers to
>    skip over it most of the time. But it may also be useful sometimes.
> Given the above I feel like it would be simpler, cleaner and possibly
> more maintainable to keep the two separate after all.
> Of course sticking with TestLauncher would require some work too but
> that seems quite tractable:
> * First not checking it into Git!
> * Making sure it gets updated automatically.
> * Fixing the dll checks.
> * Bringing it in line with the latest changes w.r.t. pids, run tmie
>    data, etc.
> --
> Francois Gouget <fgouget at>

Or add those features to winetest, so there's one code base, not two..

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