[PATCH 2/6] comctl32/tests: Test messages sent to the pager child.

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at gmail.com
Wed Apr 5 08:26:01 CDT 2017

Am 2017-04-05 um 14:53 schrieb Nikolay Sivov:
> Maybe I don't see a full picture yet, but doesn't this duplicate 'id'
> flag? We use it for ListView/Header combined sequences for example.
It's not exactly the same, "id" is more a generic extra payload field.
The pager test e.g. uses it to communicate a message id in a WM_NOTIFY

In the tests I currently have no extra payload, so I could use the id
mechanism instead of extending the parent / control flag. I could also
use it in patch 6 to deal with the WINDOWPOS structures. But I'll need
both child1/child2 info and WINDOWPOS in the same lines, so I can't do both.

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