[PATCH 1/13] msidb: Add stub tool for manipulating MSI databases.

Hans Leidekker hans at codeweavers.com
Mon Apr 10 02:53:49 CDT 2017

On Sun, 2017-04-09 at 13:12 -0600, Erich E. Hoover wrote:
> The "Windows SDK Components for Windows Installer Developers" has a
> command line tool called msidb that is incredibly useful for creating,
> editing, and exporting MSI installer databases, think of it as
> winemsibuilder on steroids.  This patch series implements much of the
> functionality of the msidb tool, maintains compatible CLI flags, and
> the underlying MSI functionality necessary to support these features.
> With this patch series all the existing winemsibuilder functionality
> is available, plus the ability to drop streams, export the
> _SummaryInformation table, export binary streams (Binary/Icon tables),
> and some miscellaneous bug fixes.  A big feature of the implementation
> is that it allows you to edit existing installer databases, rather
> than just creating new ones.

I can see how the extra functionality is useful for package builders but
at the same time it's not essential to build Wine. That doesn't mean we
can't maintain it in Wine, but I can also see it being part of a
separate SDK tools project. Have you considered that?

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