Putting in place traffic shaping on winehq

Jeremy White jwhite at codeweavers.com
Mon Apr 10 15:27:48 CDT 2017

Hey folks,

We've been getting nailed with peak charges on the traffic coming from
the WineHQ web server.

We think a large reason for this is that we were not sophisticated in
how we flushed the fastly cache, so we'd get slammed in a big rush when
we flushed.

I believe that Jeremy Newman has fixed that now, so hopefully it won't
happen again.  But those overcharges are brutal (i.e. thousands of
dollars) :-(.

So I'm planning to put in place some traffic shaping to provide a hard
upper limit for winehq (I'm going to impose 8Mbit; we currently pay for
10Mbpit committed; if I up that to 20, I may expand that).

This should not disrupt anything, but I thought I'd warn folks, so you'd
know to blame me if things suddenly go dark <grin>.



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