[2/3] wsdapi/tests: Add tests for Register/UnRegisterNotificationSink

Owen Rudge owen at owenrudge.net
Wed Apr 19 14:53:23 CDT 2017

On 19/04/2017 06:56, Nikolay Sivov wrote:
> Up to you, it was just something I spotted, could be completely
> irrelevant to your use case. Bigger picture is to get correct
> notification order too, once you start calling those sinks. For example
> if you register sink1-sink1-sink2, are they called in the order they
> were registered or the opposite. Another case, if you register
> sink1-sink2-sink1-sink2, and the unregister sink1, does it remove both
> or only first it finds, if so which one, i.e. do you end up with
> sink2-sink1-sink2, sink1-sink2-sink2, or sink2-sink2.

Yes, I think that would be worth testing. At present the sinks 
themselves are not used, but once I have code implemented that uses 
them, I will aim to write tests to verify that they are called (and 
registered/unregistered) in the expected order.


Owen Rudge

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